Gado-gado (Salad with peanut souce)

This is a popular Asian dish of lightly cooked vegetables topped with a delicious peanut sauce. The vegetables given are just a guide and you can add whatever you like or have on hand.
The quantities given below will make up a large platter of vegetables, enough to feed 6 people.
4 x small potatoes - boiled or steamed until tender and cut into cubes
Good handful of green beans - boiled or steamed until tender and cut into pieces
2 x medium carrots - boiled or steamed until tender and cut into slices
1 to 2 tblspns oil
1 onion - chopped
1 x large zucchini
1 x green capsicum - sliced
1/4 small cabbage (Chinese is nice) - sliced
Optional extras:
1 x med can chickpeas - rinsed and drained
or pressed bean curd - cut into large cubes and deep fried in hot oil until golden brown.
3 eggs - hard-boiled - shelled and cut into quarters
roasted peanuts
In a large pan, heat the oil and then add the onion, zucchini and capsicum and sauté gently for a few of minutes until soften slightly. Then add the cabbage and chickpeas (if using) and continue to sauté until just wilted.
Stir through the remaining cooked vegetables and stir until heated through.
Arrange on a platter and top with the quartered eggs and bean curd and peanuts (if using).
Spoon over just enough peanut sauce to flavour and serve.

Peanut Sauce:
1 tblspn peanut oil
1 onion - chopped finely
1 clove garlic - crushed
1 red chilli - finely chopped (remove the seeds if you don't want the heat!!) or use dried crushed chilli - 1 tspn
1 x 375gm jar of crunchy peanut butter
1 tblspn lemon juice
1 tblspn soy sauce
2 tblspns raw sugar
1 tspn chilli sambal or Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (more or less to taste)
In a saucepan, heat the oil and then sauté the onion, garlic and chilli for a few minutes until softened.
Add the peanut butter, lemon juice, soy sauce and sugar. Mix well to combine and then add chilli to taste. Remove from the heat. At this stage, the peanut sauce can be put into a container, refrigerated and stored for months. Make it in advance before you go camping.
To use on the Gado Gado, put the required amount into a small saucepan and mix in enough coconut milk to make a thick pouring consistency.
Other suggested vegetables: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cucumber, Bean sprouts.

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